What is Ustabilize® and why should I use it?

Ustabilize® is an interactive iPhone® and iPodTouch® “game” which challenges your ability to balance or stabilize in different positions. No one likes taking a “test” so we created a game where you can practice your stability in different positions and even challenge your friends or colleagues. We also created a website (www.ustabilize.com) where you can track your stability over time.

Why should I measure my stability?

Most of us know if we have recently gained or lost weight because we had a scale to weigh ourselves. If you cannot answer the question “How long can Ustabilize®?”, you might not know if you have lost or gained stability. Have you recently sprained your ankle/hip/knee? Are you more stable on that leg than before you sprained it? If you had a baseline for standing on one leg you could compare it to you ability to stand on one leg now.

Where can I get Ustabilize®?

You can download Ustabilize® from the iTunes® App Store either directly from iTunes or via your iOS enabled device. The links for the application are below. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ustabilize/id413503097?mt=8 Please email feature requests to: features@ustabilize.com

What is “S” and What does it do?

The “S” is the Stability Level. There are 5 Levels of stability ranging from Level 1 (S1) the easiest to Level 5 (S5) the most difficult. The more stable you are, the less you move and therefore you must keep the stability ball within each selected level or you end the game.

What is “D” and What does it do?

The “D” is the Difficulty Level. This controls the “speed” of the ball. The higher the difficulty level, the faster the ball will move. For example: The ball will move faster if you change the “D” from D1 to D2 and from D2 to D3 etc. Adjusting the “D” also will adjust your score.

What is the “C” button?

The “C” button allow you to send a “Ustabilize® Challenge” after completing a practice session. Challenge your friends, personal trainer, yoga instructor, athletic trainer, or physical therapist using Ustabilize®. The more challenges you participate in, the more Ustabilize® Points you accrue. The more points your accrue the higher your Ustabilize® Rank and thats were the real “fun” begins. Try it and find out what you can win.

What is a Ustabilize® Practice Session?

You attempt a practice session by selecting a position from the position chooser and and tapping the “Tap to Begin” Button. Scores are counted on the local device and on the users ustabilize.com account if created. The scores are reported in the Ustabilize Information section in the info screen Info Screen>Ustabilize Information.

What is a Ustabilize® Challenge?

Direct Challenge - can only be issued after completing a Position via [C] button on the Results screen. In this case this is a “Direct Challenge” button, because the user has just completed a position(s). This completed position(s) will auto load and the user can then select the person to challenge. Scores are counted on the local device and on the users ustabilize.com account (in this case it must be created because the ONLY way to send a direct challenge is through ustabilize.com) The scores are reported in the Ustabilize Information section. Info Screen>Challenge Information. The win/loss is also applied to deduct challenge credits from the user (managed through ustabilize.com)

What is a Ustabilize® Class?

Class – (PRO only) - The class can only be delivered to another user by a pro user. This would be a session initiated by another user for the current user of the device. Scores (points) are not counted toward the user’s total points and are kept in a separate area Classes can be sent via [C] button. Pro users can send to single or multi positions classes, to 1-5 persons. FREE users cannot send classes but can receive classes (both single and multi).

How can I share my scores?

Use the share button to share your scores on Twitter and Facebook